‘Baby crisis’ on Turkish TV series set

‘Baby crisis’ on Turkish TV series set

‘Baby crisis’ on Turkish TV series set A crisis has arisen in the Turkish TV series “Kırlangıç Fırtınası” (Swallow Storm), after lead actress Meltem Cumbul left the set in reaction against the inclusion of a baby in the series. 

In the series, Cumbul plays a mother who is looking for her daughter alongside the actor Fikret Kuşkan. 

She has now stopped turning up to shootings after learning that a baby under one-year-old is planned to be included in the cast. 

Cumbul, who is the head of the Federation of Actors, is currently working to raise awareness about child actors within the scope of a campaign called “There is a Child on This Set.” 

She said she would refuse to act in the series under these circumstances, and the crew is said to be trying to persuade her to change her mind. 

“Kırlangıç Fırtınası,” directed by Özcan Alper, is still being shot and is currently due to air in January.