Authorities tighten measures against possible bus crashes

Authorities tighten measures against possible bus crashes

Authorities tighten measures against possible bus crashes

Turkish authorities have tightened measures on intercity buses carrying passengers after a string of deadly accidents in which nearly 30 people were killed and dozens injured in the country’s three western provinces just last week.

Stopped at the exit of the bus terminals just before their long voyage starts, intercity buses were meticulously inspected during the controls attended by traffic police in formal and plain clothes.

As the inspections continue, experts called for the improvement of the working conditions of the drivers to prevent accidents.

Stating that there has been a 50 percent decrease in fatal traffic accidents in the last 10 years with the latest measures taken, Bus Drivers Federation chairman Mustafa Yıldırım said that there were still a series of steps that need to be taken.

Stating that the drivers should undergo qualified training that includes topics such as first aid, safe driving and psychotechnics, Yıldırım noted that the drivers must also be provided with humane living conditions.

“The bus drivers should be prevented from working more than nine hours a day and sleeping in the trunk of the bus. Resting rooms that drivers can use should be mandatory in terminals and stopovers,” Yıldırım said.

Bus drivers can drive nine hours in 24 hours and sit behind the wheel for a maximum of four and a half hours at a time, according to the current law, which also obliges a driver who works six days a week to take 24 hours off.

Stating that the transportation sector is having a hard time with the effect of the pandemic, Yıldırım noted that drivers were paid low wages because firms could not compete with illegal transportation and that measures should be taken against it.

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