Atatürk Museum to open in Gaziantep

Atatürk Museum to open in Gaziantep

GAZİANTEP - Anatolia News Agency
Atatürk Museum to open in Gaziantep

Atatürk Museum and Memory House will consist of two building at 400square meters, being two storeys. AA photo

A new Atatürk Museum will open this month in his former residence on Bey Street in Gaziantep.
Already known a city of museums thanks to the Zeugma and others, Gaziantep’s new museum will situated in two different locations. One will be a memorial and the other a museum.

The museum will not be simply an Atatürk Museum but it will include more, Gaziantep Mayor Asım Güzelbey told the Anatolia News Agency. The museum will feature 3D shows that will depict Antep’s struggle against the enemy in ancient times.

“After work on the museum and the memory house is completed, it will open,” Güzelbey said, noting that currently everything is ready for the museum’s debut.

While the house where Atatürk used to reside cannot be located, the municipality has pinpointed the street.

“The house cannot be found because we think that it has already been damaged. Gaziantep Chamber of Industry president Adil Konukoğlu has given his own house to us to make it a memorial for Ataturk.”

The house will consist of two building at 400 square meters, one being two storeys and the other three.

The city also readies to open its new Toy Museum. It will be a more-developed version of the Toy Museum found in Istanbul’s Göztepe district. The Gaziantep Toy Museum will not only display old toys but will also exhibit how the development of civilization is reflected through toys. It will include a rich collection of rag dolls and wooden toys.