‘Arts against violence’ at Pera Fest

‘Arts against violence’ at Pera Fest

‘Arts against violence’ at Pera Fest

Turkish literary giant Yaşar Kemal will be commemorated at the event.

The 13th Pera Fest, to be organized this year with the theme “Arts Against Violence,” will kick off on March 21. The event is organized by the Association of Intercultural Communications - Interdisciplinary Arts, and PPR.

According to a written statement by the association, plays focusing on the issue of violence will be staged and violence-themed films will be screened in the festival. Also, talks will be organized with writers, directors and actors.

The festival will open with Theater Pera’s International Poetry Day event. Poet Bejan Matur will be the guest of the event.

Remembering Yaşar Kemal

On April 1 at SALT Beyoğlu, there will be event to commemorate Turkish literary giant Yaşar Kemal, who died on Feb. 28. Following a talk on Kemal, veteran actress Türkan Şoray’s film “Yılanı Öldürseler” (Kill the Snake), which is based on Kemal’s book with the same name, will be screened at the event.
The festival will be organized in various venues until April 1.