‘Artists’ Street’ to provide window on artistic process

‘Artists’ Street’ to provide window on artistic process

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
‘Artists’ Street’ to provide window on artistic process

The ‘Artist Street’ in Ankara is expected to host artists’ to create paintings and also exhibtions, which are open to public.

Those in Turkey’s capital intrigued by the process by which artists produce their works need look no further than “Artist Street,” a new undertaking in Ankara that will provide a large space especially for artists to practice their craft.

“We aim to express ourselves with art and painting and we want to offer new things to society. Here, this venue is open to everyone who is drawing and painting,” painter Süleyman Şahin recently told Anatolia news agency.

The Artists’ Street, which will open tomorrow, is set to provide an opening onto the lives of artists as they go about their work, he said, adding that there would be painting lessons free of charge every day.

Many other cities around the world already have art streets that function as important sources for art, the painter said.

The venue in Ankara will be established at the Anse Decoration Center and a total of 300 people will be able to pursue their art in the center. Although spaces on the Artists’ Street will only be allocated to artists and painters, members of the public will be welcome to observe painters painting.

Noting that painting courses were very expensive in large cities, Şahin said the concept of an artists’ street ensured that such lessons could be had for free. Those wishing to partake in the learning process need only bring their own painting materials, added Şahin.

The move to open Artists’ Street will make Ankara a more prestigious place, the painter said, noting that more such centers would also be created in other parts of the country.

A second Artists’ Street will be established at Ankara Castle with the support of Altındağ Municipality. Construction at Ankara Castle is still continuing, said Şahin.

Şahin, who invited everyone to come visit the center, also criticized art galleries for what he called “their wrong polices,” saying galleries were unable to communicate well with artists, consequently driving them to live a lonely life.

Art lovers also do not visit art galleries very often, he said, adding that this showed why Turkey needed a center like the Artists’ Street, which is free and supports production.

Noting that they hoped Artists’ Street would bring artists together, Şahin said, “We need to gain the trust of art lovers and society as artists.”

Artists have supported society and the economy for many years, said Şahin, adding that they had encountered many hardships and obstacles.

World Artists’ Day

Artists have never lived very easily, he said, noting that they would like to make Feb. 27 an official Artists’ Day. “We would like one day of the year to become an artist’s day and, on that day, we could talk about our problems and share our joys with society.” Şahin also said there would be foreign painters from all over the world participating in the new endeavor on Artists’ Street.

The exhibition currently on view at the center currently includes works by Şahin, as well as Iranian artist Maryam Hammadi. The exhibition will be on view until the end of February.