Artists and NGOs protest Emek decision

Artists and NGOs protest Emek decision

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Artists and NGOs protest Emek decision

Turkey’s NGOs, artists and actors gathered to protest the historical Emek decision in Beyoğlu.

Artists, actors and non-profit organizations gathered to support Emek as the decision to destroy Beyoğlu’s historical theater draws reaction from the Turkish public as well as foreign film critics who once visited the theater, according to Anatolia news agency.

The project set to destroy Istanbul’s historical Emek Movie Theater continues to trigger public outrage and draws reaction from scores of international film critics who viewed films at the cinema during the Istanbul Film Festival.

The protests started with a walk from the beginning of Beyoğlu’s İstiklal Avenue that continued to Emek Theater. Protestors opened banners that read “Capital cannot reach Emek.”

Speaking to Hürriyet Daily News, Turkish actor Tarık Akan said, “We just want Emek Theater to be restored. However, the municipality president said they will move the theater above, which is not understandable.”

Rutkay Aziz, Turkish actor and theater artist, said, “Emek is our own labor. We are against the destruction of this historical theater.”

Noting that it was hard to understand the municipality and their actions, Aziz said: “If The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts [İKSV] took an action plan, I would support that.”

İKSV yesterday proposed developing a project that will restore Emek Movie Theater in an effort to save one of Istanbul’s historical venues from being demolished and replaced by a shopping mall.

“We don’t believe the project in its current form will contribute to Istanbul’s art and cultural life. There is a need for a new solution, and as İKSV we are willing to provide that solution,” said Bülent Eczacıbaşı, chairman of İKSV, at a press conference last week.