Armenian voters ‘back’ Sarkozy

Armenian voters ‘back’ Sarkozy

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Armenian voters ‘back’ Sarkozy

Sreen grab taken from TV channel France 2 showing the two candidates, Francois Hollande and incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy taking part in a national live TV debate, 4 days before the second round of the 2012 presidential election. ABACA photo

Armenian voters in France lean strongly toward Nicholas Sarkozy in the upcoming presidential elections on May 6, according to Garo Yalick, a deputy of Armenian origin from Sarkozy’s ruling UMP.

“Both Sarkozy and Hollande say they will bring the draft law [criminalizing the denial of Armenian genocide allegations] before Parliament again if they are elected. Hollande says [he will do this] within three years, while Sarkozy says [he will do it] this September, as soon as he gets elected.

We are in some doubt over Hollande, as there is not a glimpse of light in Hollande’s group that would [indicate] support for this issue,” Yalick told the Hürriyet Daily News.

All socialist parties across the European Union (EU) are tracing back on the issue of Armenian genocide allegations, according to Marseilles deputy Galick, who is also serving as an advisor to Valerie Boyer, who had played a leading role in bringing the draft law before the French Parliament.

Even though the more nationalistic Dashnakszutyun Party lends its support to Hollande, France’s primary socialist candidate has still failed to inspire full confidence among the country’s Armenian constituency, according to Yalick.