Arabs buy property in Trabzon

Arabs buy property in Trabzon

TRABZON - Anadolu Agency
The Black Sea province of Trabzon has been attracting Arabs in real estate investment besides drawing them for tourism, the Environment Ministry said.

“Foreigners coming to Turkey for holiday-making purposes make investments in the country,” the Turkish Environment and Urbanization Ministry said, in a statement released on June .

According to the release, the Black Sea province of Trabzon tops the list as the most attractive spot for Arab tourists who wish to buy property in Turkey.

“Since the reciprocity law passed, citizens of five countries have bought 65 pieces of real estate,” Davut Güney, general directorate of land registry and cadastre said.

The Black Sea emerged as a new charm for foreigners who used to prefer Istanbul or the Mediterranean provinces to buy houses or land in.

The real estate sector has witnessed an increase in foreign real estate acquisitions since the enactment of a bill last year that removed the condition of reciprocity and eased restrictions on the sale of land and real estate to foreign citizens and firms.