Ara Güler Museum in Istanbul opens

Ara Güler Museum in Istanbul opens

ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency 
Ara Güler Museum in Istanbul opens

The Ara Güler Museum (AGM) hosting the works of legendary photographer Ara Güler, also known as the “eye of Istanbul,” has opened in Istanbul. 

Opened in Bomontiada, a brewery-turned entertainment center, the museum currently hosts an exhibition titled “Islık Çalan Adam” (The man who whistles) displaying photos, videos, paintings, objects and books from Güler’s archive. 

The museum was opened — in collaboration with Doğuş Group — as the first photography artist museum in Turkey. It aims to carry Güler’s art, identity and life to the next generations. 

During the opening event, Güler’s 90th birthday was celebrated too. As a birthday gift, he was given a book published by the museum with the same name of the exhibition. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Güler said it took many years to create his own archive and noted the difficulties of making an archive. 

 He said the museum venue Bomontiada was located in an old factory, likening its restoration to the process of building an archival storage. 

Museum and research center free of charge

Hüsnü Akhan, an official of Doğuş Group, said they had begun working with Güler two years ago. 

 “Two years ago, we established the Ara Güler Doğuş Arts and Culture company. He is the board chair of the company. The company realized the Ara Güler Archive and Research Center [AGAVAM] and Ara Güler Museum,” he said.

Akhan said AGAVAM was opened nearly eight months ago, bringing Güler’s unique archive to light. The museum and the research center are free of charge, he added. 

The museum displays the artist’s works and negatives along with his personal belongings, cameras, press cards and collections. 
Born in 1928 to an ethnic Armenian family, Güler is Turkey’s most famous photographer. Having produced volumes of black-and-white photographs of Istanbul, he documented his city’s ever-changing face.