Antalya’s Adam Kayalar rocks offer fantastic view

Antalya’s Adam Kayalar rocks offer fantastic view

Antalya’s Adam Kayalar rocks offer fantastic view

Turks have likened the “Adam KayalarRocks in the southern province of Antalya to the settings of the film “Avatar” for their unusual structure and formation.

In the ancient city of Selge in Manavgat district of Antalya, “Adam Kayalar,” which means the “Man Rocks” in Turkish, resemble several standing men, with people having already named them “Avatar Land” due to their peculiar and fantastic structure.

Located on the St. Paul Road in the Manavgat Köprülü Canyon National Park, the ancient city of Selge and its surrounding draw nature sports enthusiasts and trekking groups’ huge interest.

The site of conglomerate rocks, which were created as a result of the combination of sand and gravel areas rising from the sea floor with soil and miles, covers the whole area on the skirts of Bozburun Mountain.

The rocks welcome their visitors in the autumn with their magnificent forest view which take on the shades of yellow, green and red.

Adam Kayalar are waiting for visitors every season with the fantastic views rising among the cypress, walnut and chestnut trees in an area between the ancient city of Selge, which is one of the important centers of Pisidia community, and Kestanelik village.

Nature enthusiasts begin trekking in the ancient city of Selge and walk to the rocks in Ballıbucak district after a four-hour walk through the pathway in the forest. They take short breaks along the way and take photos in front of the unique landscape to cherish those moments. They try to raise awareness by collecting the garbage they encounter in nature during the trip.

The founder of Börtü Böcek Gezi Group, organizing a trip to the region, Cuma Gök said that they made a sportive walk on the pavement of the ancient period.

“Today, the most common sport in Europe and America is hiking. Antalya can be a leading city in the world in terms of nature walks. Antalya and its surroundings have such potential. As a sightseeing group, we organize walks to promote these beauties. In addition to sports, we offer the opportunity to see unique historical beauties,” Gök said.

Conglomerate rocks

Stating that the Adam Kayalar were a formation of conglomerate rocks, used in structures such as columns in the ancient ages, Gök said, “These rocks are the masses formed as a result of pressure combining sand and pebbles and hardening over time. It is a sedimentary rock composed of large and small round pebbles. The rocks here also serve as cisterns. Villagers benefit from water here when water is limited.”