Antalya readies to host the 4th theater festival

Antalya readies to host the 4th theater festival

ANTALYA - Anatolia News Agency
Antalya readies to host the 4th theater festival

Theater play ‘Ada’ is one of the favourite shows of Antalya Theater Fest.

The southern province of Antalya is welcoming the best in international theater for a fourth annual festival starting next week and running through the end of the month.

Speaking to journalists, Antalya Sate Theaters (ADT) Manager Selim Gürata said the festival would have six exclusive theater plays from the Ankara, Istanbul and Adana State theaters.

At the same time, six plays from the Korean National Theater, Germany’s Dortmund Theater, Kazakhstan’s Dram Theater, Romania’s Marin Sorescu National Theater and Spain’s Kulunka Theater will also be on the stage.

Gürata said he hoped the festival would attract 25,000 people for this year, 5,000 more than last year.

There are many people who have migrated to Antalya from Russia and Germany, said Gürata, adding that the theater teams coming from Germany and Kazakhstan would be showcasing plays in their language and that the resident foreigners had been waiting for such a prospect for months. The festival will start May 17 at 8 p.m. in Cumhuriyet Square. The Korean National Theater will perform a drum show before the Adana State Theater stages a “Treasure Island” play for children.