Anonymous hacks Turkish satellite provider

Anonymous hacks Turkish satellite provider

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Anonymous hacks Turkish satellite provider

The message from Anonymous

Anonymous hacked into Turkish satellite provider Digiturk, International Business Times reported today.

Hackers leaked data such as user and administrative accounts, client listings and other private information from Digiturk and published them on, the report said.

Anonymous accused Digiturk of blocking access to blogging websites such as and and launched "Operation Digiturk" with an announcemnet on Twitter. 

A statement from Anonymous reportedly read, "It is time to fight for free internet while dominations are getting consistent. Digiturk, who is responsible for blocking and, is terrorizing the internet. The victims were not warned and did not even have the right of defense. Censorship is a human rights violation."

Hacktivism blog published a statement by Digiturk CEO Ertan Özerdem, who allegedly said "websites like Google and YouTube are illegally broadcasting football matche ... We have complained to Google and YouTube, but we never got answers from them. We decided to go to court ... the court blocked the IP address. Google has to deal with things like that. You cannot broadcast football matches."

Anonymous also published a video on Youtube, announcing it was launching "Operation Digiturk," but it was later removed by the satellite provider due to copyright infringement, the report by International Business Times said. 

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