Ankara galleries host Orhan Taylan

Ankara galleries host Orhan Taylan

Ankara galleries host Orhan Taylan Ankara’s Platform A and Armony Art Gallery are simultaneously hosting recent works by a significant figure in contemporary Turkish art, painter Orhan Taylan. 

Opening an exhibition every year in Ankara is a tradition for Taylan, who has been working with Armoni Art Gallery since 1988 and Platform Gallery, its sister company. 

The two shows, presenting more than 120 of Taylan’s works, will be open through March 19.

Born in 1941 in the northern province of Samsun, the Thessaloniki-origin artist is an Istanbul local. 

Taylan graduated from Robert College in 1960 and the Fine Arts Academy of Rome in 1965. 

One of the best known works by Taylan is a poster featuring a worker holding the world in his hands. The poster has become a symbol of May Day labor celebrations in Turkey. 

The poster was also selected as the winner in the competition of the World Federation of Trade Unions in 1978. 
After the 1980 coup d’état, Taylan was detained in 1982 for eight months by a military court on accusations of being a founder and board member of the Turkish Peace Committee. He and the other founders of the committee were acquitted at the end of a court process in 1991.