Ankara accuses Greece of intense armament for military superiority

Ankara accuses Greece of intense armament for military superiority

Ankara accuses Greece of intense armament for military superiority

Greece is continuing an intense armament in a bid for military superiority against Turkey, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has said, describing Athens’ ambition as futile while calling on the neighboring country for resolving the difference through peaceful dialogue.

“This is not an arms race but showing off weapons. They are striving for superiority against Turkey through armament by the encouragements and provocations of some countries. This is a futile effort,” Akar said at a meeting held in Ankara with the participation of top military brass.

Akar also criticized Greece for building alliances with some NATO allies and reiterated them as futile. The minister has referred to a recent military and defense industry deal between Greece and France that paved the way for the latter to sell a significant quantity of weapons to the Greek army.

Turkey and Greece have problems in the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean, and the former wants to resolve these issues within the framework of international law and good neighborly relations through negotiations, dialogue, peaceful ways and methods, Akar stated.

“Unfortunately, certain politicians in Greece continue their aggressive actions and rhetoric without stop. They want to portray Turkey as expansionist by fake claims,” he said.

Greece’s Meis Island, or Kastellorizo, is just 2 kilometers away from the Turkish mainland with a 10 square kilometer area, but Athens demands around 40,000 square kilometers of maritime sovereignty for it, Akar recalled.

“When we say ‘No’ to this, then they blame us for being expansionist. We expect them to understand that they cannot reach anything with these actions and rhetoric,” the minister underlined.

Turkey and Greece have some dialogue mechanism, and the former has called for holding the fourth round of bilateral talks to promote confidence-building measures in the region, Akar noted, adding Ankara favors that the two people live in peace and comfort by benefiting from the region’s richness.