Angry Birds turns down rowdy Turkish seagull

Angry Birds turns down rowdy Turkish seagull

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet
Angry Birds turns down rowdy Turkish seagull

The Beep Bird.

Angry Birds management recently turned down an offer to include a rowdy, foulmouthed Istanbul seagull in the world-famous game’s cast of characters, daily Hürriyet reported.

The seagull, named Beep Bird, was created by a Turkish design team and took the web by storm several months ago when it was first introduced to the public through various social media platforms.

Beep Bird's job application — a several minutes long Youtube video — was sent to Rovio, the developing company behind Angry Birds, but received no return answer. Daily Hürriyet had also previously questioned Rovio officials who had refused to respond to Beep Bird's online appeal.

Recently, however, Rovio finally broke its silence with a written response Rovio’s Vice President Ville Heijari sent to daily Hürriyet.

“Beep Bird really is something,” Heijari wrote. “He is crazy, but a bit too foulmouthed for Angry Birds! I think birds are more fun when they don't speak. You can still express emotions without using too many bad words.”