Ancient settlement found in Cappadocia

Ancient settlement found in Cappadocia

NEVŞEHİR – Doğan News Agency
Ancient settlement found in Cappadocia

Archaeologists from the Hacı Bektaş University in the Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir have unearthed a Bronze Age settlement in Cappadocia.

A team from the university has carried out archaeological excavations and examinations around the Göreme (Çakıltepe) Mound. During the works, they have detected an ancient settlement, which starts from the early Bronze Age in (3,000-2,000 B.C.) and continues to the middle Bronze Age (2,000-1,750 B.C.)

Archaeological layers have also been unearthed in the settlement that surrounds the mound. The layers date back to the Iron Age (900-330 B.C.), Hellenistic-Roman (3-1 B.C.) and the early Byzantine age (5-6 A.D.)

“Our surface surveys have revealed that the area was not only limited to the mound but there was a second settlement around the mound. As a result, we have obtained cultural and scientific data more than we expected at the beginning,” said Assistant Professor Yalçın Kamış.

Kamış said they had finished the first surface survey and excavation works in Çakıltepe. “We have unearthed the ruins of a wall from the fifth and sixth centuries. We plan to start the next excavations on a much broader scale in May and June 2018,” he added.