Ancient kiln found in Alacahöyük ancient city

Ancient kiln found in Alacahöyük ancient city

ÇORUM - Anadolu Agency
Ancient kiln found in Alacahöyük ancient city

Experts have been working on the pieces unearthed in the ancient city of Alacahöyük, where excavations have been ongoing for 106 years. AA photo

A nearly 4,000-year-old kiln, an insulated chamber used as a type of oven, has been found during the excavations works in the ancient city of Alacahöyük in Turkey’s northern Anatolian province of Çorum. The kiln dates back to the Bronze Age. 

The head of the excavations in the ancient city, Professor Aykut Çınaroğlu, said that this year with a team of 20 people, they were working on layers from the Bronze Age as well as the Hittite civilization. 

Monumental find 

He said that they had found very good results, adding, “We found pieces from the Phrygians in the excavation area. We unearthed very beautiful seals. We were expecting a big structure but we found a kiln, which I can call a monumental find when compared to other small pieces. It is nearly 2.5 meter high and some 4,000 years old. It is a magnificent kiln. It is found in this region for the first time. Half of the kiln has so far stayed strong. We will restore it during the next year’s works and now it is under protection.” 

Çınaroğlu said that he had also found a necklace in the region. 

Excavations have been ongoing in Alacahöyük for 106 years. So far 13 percent of the ancient city has been excavated, according to Çınaroğlu, who added, “There are many more areas to be excavated. This is Alacahöyük, we should wait for new surprises every year.”