Ancient Hellenistic towers in Antalya being restored

Ancient Hellenistic towers in Antalya being restored

Ancient Hellenistic towers in Antalya being restored Conservation, restoration and integration works have been initiated for the Hellenistic towers in the ancient city of Perge in the southern province of Antalya. The work has been carried out by the Antalya Directorate of Surveying and Monuments. 

Antalya Surveying and Monuments Director Cemil Karabayram said the ancient city dates back to the second and third B.C. and that the Hellenistic towers needed to be restored. 

He said the tender had been finished for the restoration of the towers and the ancient structure was one of the most magnificent structures in the Pamphylia era.

Karabayram said the towers were not built to show off but for defense. 

He also said the restoration project had a budget of 2.5 million Turkish Liras and the work in the towers was actually initiated in the beginning of the 2000s.

“Nearly 2,000 stones in the tower were classified. Now the proper stones will be used again in the restoration,” he said.

Karabayram said their restoration will be complete in mid-2019 and the towers will open for tourism. 

He said the towers were taken under protection in 2007 with the steel construction method in order to prevent the stones from falling or a possible collapse.

“After the restoration, the steel frames will be removed from the towers. The stones were examined one by one and the project was approved by the relevant preservation board. At the moment, it is evident where most of the stones will go. When the work is complete, we will be able to open 70-80 percent of the Hellenistic towers for tourism. The project will be carried out under the consultancy of academics and scientists,” said Karabayram.

Theater section to open

Karabayram noted there is also other restoration work in the ancient city of Perge. 

“We are planning to open the theater section for use. Work has also started on the stadium with the support of the Culture and Tourism Ministry. In addition, we have a street going through the center of the ancient city. It will also go out to tender. Perge is undergoing serious restoration and improvement,” he said.

Professor Jale İnan, Professor Haluk Abbasoğlu and the head of excavations, the Antalya Museum Director Mustafa Demirel, have had an impact on the work in Perge, said Karabayram. He also said the restorations in the area will not be a complete restoration, but will only be made using the available materials.