Ancient fossils moving to new museum in Turkey’s Çankırı

Ancient fossils moving to new museum in Turkey’s Çankırı

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Ancient fossils moving to new museum in Turkey’s Çankırı

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Ancient fossils dating back 8.5 million years, currently on display at the Çankırı Culture and Tourism Directorate, are set to be moved to the new Çankırı Museum. 

In 2014, officials decided to turn a building, first built as a government institution at the start of the 20th century by Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II, into a museum. The building had served as the Çankırı Courthouse for many years until the court was relocated. 

When the restoration is finished, the building will serve as a paleontology, ethnography and archaeology museum. 

The building will display the 8.5 million-year-old fossils that have been removed during archaeological excavations in the Central Anatolian province. 

Çankırı Museum Director Ali Atmaca said restoration of the building started two years ago after the decision was made to turn the courthouse into a museum. 

Atmaca said the building would become a “multi-functional museum” showing Çankırı’s “unique culture of friendship, clothing and foods will be shown in the museum.” 

“This new museum will display the memory of Çankırı and the region, as well as historical artifacts … Coins and the meaning of the shapes on the İnandık Vase that have been unearthed in this region will be displayed. There will be computers in each section for visitors to learn more about history. They will be able to use touchscreens and learn details about the history of an artifact. There will be many interactive applications in the museum,” he added. 

Atmaca said the new museum had reserved a wide space for the fossils. 

“Excavations that started in 1997 at the Çankırı Vertebrate Fossil Region have been continuing since 2001. So far the fossils of more than 20 species - including elephants, rhinos, horses, pigs, giraffes, goats, deer, sheep, tigers, gibbons, antelopes, hyenas and hedgehogs - have been discovered. Most of these fossils were on display in our old museum. Now we have placed these fossils in boxes and we will take them to their new place in the coming weeks. The 8.5-million-year-old fossils unearthed in the Çankırı Vertebrate Fossil Region will be displayed in the new museum, as well as a section describing the nature of Çankırı at that time, showing the animals and plants in this region,” he added. 

Tiger and giraffe fossils 

The museum director also said it would feature a number of animations. 

“The fossils found in Çankara will be animated, while the tiger and giraffe fossils are being placed in the new museum in their original sizes,” Atmaca said.

The museum is set to be opened within a month.