Ancient brush and rattle discovered

Ancient brush and rattle discovered

KÜTAHYA – Anadolu Agency
Ancient brush and rattle discovered

Many items from various eras are being unearthed in Kütahya excavations. AA Photo

Excavations in the Seyitömer tumulus in the western province of Kütahya have uncovered a brush and baby rattle, which are estimated to date back 5,000 years.

The artifacts were found by Dumlupınar University (DPU) Archaeology Department in a plot of land owned by a private company involved in coal mining.

“We found a brush here. The parts, where animal hairs are attached, are made of clay. It is a triangle brush adorned with motifs. They were used in the ceramic production in the early Bronze Age. The other item is a toy that makes the sound of a rattle when you shake it. It dates back to 3,000 B.C. It is very interesting for us since it has not been broken since then,” said the head of the excavations, Professor Nejat Bilgen, adding that the tumulus had been home to many civilizations.

Objects from the Roman, Hellenistic, Achaemenid, Middle Age and Bronze Age eras have been found in the excavations since they began in 2006. Archaeologists have discovered interesting items such as goddess figures, brushes and a baby rattle this year so far.

Bilgen said that because of its clay-based structure, they also found many cups made of clay in the field. “Reconstruction works have been continuing. There are also many weaving loom weights, made of clay, as well as goddess and small bull statuettes. This shows that bulls were a religious item for these people.”