Ancient bathhouse, gymnasium unearthed in İzmir

Ancient bathhouse, gymnasium unearthed in İzmir

İZMİR-Anadolu Agency
Ancient bathhouse, gymnasium unearthed in İzmir

Archeologists have unearthed a Roman bathhouse and gymnasium, as part of excavations in Turkey's western province of İzmir.

The excavations were carried out by researchers from the İzmir Katip Çelebi University in the ancient Smyrna city's İkiçeşmelik area.

Experts found the remains of a building from the 2nd century, which was used for physical, social and cultural activities.

The structure is believed to be from the era of Roman Emperor Hadrian.

Akın Ersoy, head of the excavation team, told Anadolu Agency on Aug. 10 that bathhouses and gymnasiums were common in the Roman era.

Bathhouses, he said, were used as social and cultural spheres, while gymnasiums for mental and physical activities.

Highlighting that people of all ages used these spaces, Ersoy said people used to go for a walk, wrestled and played games in the gymnasium area.

“While passing through Ikicesmelik street, walls rising up to 7 meters, perceived as fortification walls, pointed to the existence of a bath and gymnasium," the academic said. “There are both Ottoman and Roman structures in the area."