Anchovy prices drop as sea waters get cooler

Anchovy prices drop as sea waters get cooler

TRABZON – Demirören News Agency
Anchovy prices drop as sea waters get cooler

The price of a kilogram of anchovy in Turkey’s Black Sea towns has decreased to 5 Turkish Liras (around $0.9) as the sea waters get cooler, fishermen have said.

“The abundance of anchovy makes us quite happy. Blessing has come upon our stalls at last. People now demand larger and visually nicer anchovy,” said fisherman Mehmetcan Örseloğlu.

“As the weather gets colder, anchovy will pick up properly,” he added.

Stuffed and fried anchovy is very popular from November until the fishing season ends in spring. In many Black Sea cities of Turkey, people also dry-salt huge amounts of anchovy to use in various kinds of food recipes, including soups, omelets and rice dish.

“I have bought 15 kilograms of anchovy. I will salt and store it to consume until the end of summer. We do cook every kind of meal using anchovy,” said Regiman Sağır, a resident of the Black Sea province of Trabzon.

Fisherman Sinan Sayar said that he cleaned and bottled some anchovy to send to France.

“We send Trabzon anchovy to those living abroad and other customers when they demand it,” he said.