An aquarium love story

An aquarium love story

An aquarium love story Home to over 15,000 sea creatures, Istanbul SEA LIFE Aquarium is currently witnessing a love story that rivals even the most romantic of movies: one of a Pacific Ocean fish named Kadir and his beloved toy. 

We have seen land animals in these situations many times before. A donkey and a goat inseparable, a horse in depression after his owner leaves for military service, a dog waiting 9 years at a train station after his owner passes away. What is happening in the Istanbul SEA LIFE Aquarium nowadays is unlike any heard before. 

With 47 exhibition tanks, ocean tunnels and hundreds of different marine species, Istanbul SEA LIFE is witnessing a strange love. Kadir, a Popeye Calafula Soldierfish, never leaves the side of a pink toy which resembles his own kind.

Previous to his love, Kadir had been fighting with other fish since his first day at the SEA LIFE Aquarium.

Experts had even considered moving Kadir to another aquarium where he would be alone, in order to prevent him from hurting other fish and himself. But Kadir’s life turned around suddenly when, for a photoshoot, a pink toy fish was placed in the aquarium. Kadir’s behavior suddenly changed and he never left the toy’s side. Even his attitude towards other fish became better.