Amsterdam targets Brits with ‘stay away’ campaign

Amsterdam targets Brits with ‘stay away’ campaign

Amsterdam targets Brits with ‘stay away’ campaign

Amsterdam launched a campaign on March 28 to discourage tourists planning drug- and alcohol-fueled parties, starting with young British men.

The Dutch capital has long been trying to curb rowdy behaviour such as stag parties, especially near the famed red light area where sex workers operate.

The new campaign, dubbed “Stay Away,” will involve people searching online for some getaways in Amsterdam receiving special warnings.“

The campaign will commence in Great Britain, aimed at males in the age category of 18 to 35 years,” Amsterdam city council said in a statement.

“This online discouragement campaign is aimed at nuisance tourists who want to visit Amsterdam to ‘go wild’, with all the ensuing consequences.” 

It would be expanded to “potential nuisance-causing visitors from the Netherlands and other EU-countries” in the coming year, it said.

People searching for terms such as “stag party Amsterdam” or “pub crawl Amsterdam” will be shown warning advertisements,” it said.

The ads would show the “risks and consequences of anti-social behavior and excessive drug and alcohol abuse” including fines, arrest, criminal records, hospitalization and health issues.

Amsterdam recently announced a ban on smoking cannabis in the Red Light district, coupled with further restrictions on alcohol consumption and earlier closures for cafes, bars and sex clubs.

Authorities are also looking at moving sex workers to large “erotic centers” to the outskirts of the city.