Amasra’s old tower enters UNESCO’s temporary list

Amasra’s old tower enters UNESCO’s temporary list

BARTIN - Anadolu Agency
Amasra’s old tower enters UNESCO’s temporary list

Amasra Tower dates back to three thousand years entered to UNESCO list. AA photo

Amasra’s famous tower, dating back to the Ceneviz era, has entered UNESCO’s temporary world heritage list. The tower dates back 3,000 years is one of the most important artifacts of the Black Sea town.

Governor Ali Çınar said that in order to enter the list, architecture has to reach a certain point of quality, vowing to do everything necessary to develop the tower.

The process is very important for the future of Amasra, he said, adding that if the tower joined the list then the whole district might be able to enter the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Amasra Castle was built during the Roman period, and the castle walls that still stand were built by the Byzantines. The front walls and gates were built by the Genoese in the 14th and 15th centuries. Though located on a narrow peninsula, a tunnel under the castle leads to a fresh water pool.

Home to a wide range of historical artifacts from the Hellenistic, Seljuk and Ottoman periods, the Amasra area draws tourist attention for its history, dating back 3,000 years. Visited by almost 250,000 people each year, it is also known as an attractive place for food enthusiasts, particularly during official and religious holidays.