Alternative, innovative 'Confrontation' with the world

Alternative, innovative 'Confrontation' with the world

Alternative, innovative Confrontation with the world

Pera Museum presents the works of young artists and designers to its audience in collaboration with national and international educational institutions.

The newest exhibition, titled “Confrontation,” brings the works of Yeditepe University students and alumni together. Presenting the production of the faculty throughout its 25 years, the exhibition enables the audiences to face the world and rediscover it in an unusual way.

“Confrontation,” consisting of the works of departments of Plastic Arts and Painting, Graphic Design, Textile and Fashion Design, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Theater and Art and Cultural Management of the faculty, which celebrates its 25th anniversary, questions the relationship between art, design and our world today.

Curated by Professor Marcus Graf, the head of the Department of Art and Cultural Management at Yeditepe University, the exhibition opens the relationships between nature-city and individual-society for discussion.

Designed as a multi-layered forum to exceed a standard students’ or alumni exhibition, the exhibition takes on the topics regarding the ontological existence of art and design in a critical way.

It consists of five different parts touching the concepts of nature, city, individual, society and alienation.

Professor Gülveli Kaya, the dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, emphasized that the common denominator of the programs using different languages was art and that the interdisciplinary transition in the exhibition unites in it.

Stating that they determined the participants to provide a general perspective of the various stylistic, aesthetic and conceptual approaches to the main topics of today’s world of art and design, Graf said: “Artists and designers face the world with their works. Thanks to the exhibition of their work, we also gain the chance to face the world and rediscover it from unorthodox angles.”

“We, as members of faculty, should take our time at the exhibition to reconsider our methods of teaching as well as our ways of interacting with the environment around us. At the same time, the exhibition gives its visitors the chance to face the world from alternative and innovative points of view of contemporary artists and designers. In order to create a New Normal, we have to come up with a Different Normal, a Better Normal, and I wish that ‘Confrontation’ positively contributes to this task,” he added.

“Confrontation / Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Exhibition of Students and Graduates” can be visited at Pera Museum until Oct. 24.

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