All-inclusive system ends on Marmaris boat tours

All-inclusive system ends on Marmaris boat tours

MUĞLA - Anatolia News Agency
All-inclusive system ends on Marmaris boat tours

With the end of ‘all nclusive’ system on daily boat tours in Marmaris, boats will be able to give higher-quality service, according to tourism officials. AA photo

The system of “all-inclusive” pricing on daily boat tours taken by thousands of tourists every day from the town of Marmaris in the Aegean province of Muğla has been brought to an end.

Under the “all-inclusive” system, the price of food and beverages served on the boats is included in the tour price. Under the new system, these costs will not be included.

As a first step in reorganizing the town’s tourist industry, the Marmaris Sea Motor Carriers Cooperative opened the summer season by ending the all-inclusive system, said cooperative Chairman Ali Berk. The fleet of about 10 boats affiliated with the cooperative provides two different daily tour programs, known as the “Cove” and “Dalyan” tours. Leaving behind the all-inclusive pricing system was a milestone for Marmaris tourism, Berk said, “Because there were many serious problems with the system. This is why we removed the system.”

Low price, low quality
Boat owners and tourists have become accustomed to the all-inclusive system over the years, and some boat operators have lost customers now that it no longer exists, but they will be able to offer higher-quality service and cover their losses, Berk said.

“Our members are pleased with the decision. In the all-inclusive system tour prices were too low, and therefore the quality of food and beverages was low. Of course this caused some problems.
Sometimes boat owners were arbitrarily saying the ‘bar is closed’ and not serving people. Now boats are able to give higher-quality service,” Berk said.

By eliminating their all-inclusive pricing system, daily boat tours, which earn money thanks to marine tourism, have made a very significant step that could be a model for other sectors, Marmaris Mayor Ali Acar said.

“The ‘all-inclusive’ system in Turkish tourism has always been discussed. Removing this system, which brought almost no money to boat owners, will increase the service quality. I hope that this movement will continue in hotels,” the mayor said.

İsmail Özbozdağ, executive board chairman of the Marmaris provinicial branch of the Turkish Travel Agencies’ Union, said the decision was positive and hotels should abandon the all-inclusive system, as well.