Akaretler awaits art lovers this weekend

Akaretler awaits art lovers this weekend

Akaretler awaits art lovers this weekend

Istanbul’s Akaretler, one of the historical and iconic neighborhoods of the Turkish metropolis, is awaiting both locals and tourists with many art events that are worth visiting this weekend, bringing together the best examples of contemporary art, such as Hayal-i Alem, 212 Photography Istanbul Festival, and Vision Art Platform.

An exhibition named “Başka Bir Kıyamet Mümkün” (Another Apocalypse Is Possible), held in Akaretler No: 37-39, which hosts the fourth edition of 212 Photography Istanbul, opens up the possibilities of reconnecting people with nature, history and life. Curated by Leyla Ünsal, two works that have never been seen before in the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection selection meet with art lovers.

A work produced by the artist John Gerrard, known for his digital simulations, on commission from Borusan Contemporary, and a photograph by Olaf Otto Becker, came together with the audience for the first time at Akaretler. However, this weekend may be the last chance for Istanbul residents who want to see these two pieces closely since the event will meet with the audience until Oct. 11.

Another show that may attract the attention of art lovers in the neighborhood is the solo exhibition of Turkish feminist artist CANAN, which brings together fairy-tale mythological figures in different forms.

Welcoming the visitors at Akaretler No: 55 and curated by Begüm Güney, the “Hayal-i Alem” (Dream of the World) exhibition brings together tales, music and fragrance, and invites the audience to feel different senses and emotions.

[HH] A different perspective to urban life

At Akaretler No:35, Vision Art Platform, which brings together the dynamism of modern urban life and interdisciplinary experience with art lovers, will be able to visit “Şu An Buradasınız” (You Are Here Now) this weekend.

The exhibition, which features the works of artists Mike Berg, Merve Denizci, Umut Kambak and Semih Zeki, presents the borders, the environment, the spaces and the human in all of them from the personal perspective of four artists.

The exhibition opposes the reductionist structure of supermarket aesthetics, which emerged as a continuation of the consumer society idea, to spaces of free expression. Art lovers will be able to experience how abstract architectural details are related to the geometry of the gallery in Akaretler.

Turkish artist Ufuk Yılmaz’s first solo exhibition, “Duvar” (The Wall), is also another event that reflects on life, space and architecture in late modernism and can be visited in the same building this weekend.