Air pollution to rise again after coronavirus ends

Air pollution to rise again after coronavirus ends

Air pollution to rise again after coronavirus ends

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Falling air pollution rates due to drops in industrial production, and transportation will rise again after the coronavirus threat disappears unless required measures are taken, according to an expert.      

Hüseyin Toros, an expert on atmospheric science and air quality at Istanbul Technical University, said if a vaccine for coronavirus could be found, and threat disappears, the same activities that pollute the atmosphere would immediately start again.     

“When the coronavirus threat disappears, the negative effects of air pollution on climate, environment and human health will continue, as we will return to our old habits of the old days,” he said.      

Citing some reports of the World Health Organization (WHO) on 7 million premature deaths annually linked to air pollution, Toros stressed that this issue still does not draw enough attention, mostly because air pollution does not bring cause immediate deaths, unlike coronavirus or an earthquake does.      

“We should continue to raise awareness on the environment, efficient use of resources, and transition to renewable energy sources, so that we can find solutions to climate change which will further intensify in the coming days,” he stressed.