AIMA opens classes for summer

AIMA opens classes for summer

BALIKESİR - Anatolia News Agency
AIMA opens classes for summer

This year AIMA proposes total of seven different courses for children.

The Ayvalık International Music academy (AİMA), taking place in Balıkesir’s Ayvalık district, has announced its 16th summer program.

This year the academy will propose seven different courses. As a part of the courses, AIMA is hosting the Choir Workshop under the direction of Burak Onur Erdem between June 12 and 16, 2013. Group voice education, ideal choir timbre, methods of rehearsal efficiency and new understandings of modern performances will be at the core of the workshop. Discussion sessions on the history of music will also be held. The workshop is open to music teachers, choir singers, choir conductors and all who love to sing in choirs.

Another workshop will be given by the violin master class under the Direction of Andrej Bielow, Lukas David and Çiğdem İyici. The master class will begin on July 3 in the morning.

An orchestra will be put together and will play a concert at the Alibey Culture Center. The founder Filiz Ali, from the directing workshop, said they were very excited to bring together the masters and children in the camp. AIMA was founded in 1998 by Professor Filiz Ali. Since its foundation, the Academy has assumed a leading role in promoting the education of young musicians through expanding their horizons.

Music master classes are held every year during the summer in Ayvalık, focusing mostly on string instruments. “Students from Turkey, Europe and even as far away as New Zealand, gather together for eight to 10 days of intense studying, practicing and performing with the distinguished international faculty in this beautiful Aegean coast town,” said Ali.