Aged 69, senior swimmer sets example for youth

Aged 69, senior swimmer sets example for youth

Aged 69, senior swimmer sets example for youth

Age is just a number for a 69-year-old Turkish female swimmer, who wants to set an example for young people with her dedication to swimming.

Kezban Yeşer, who has four children and six grandchildren, began swimming just six years ago. In those six years, she managed to earn two trophies and a total of 52 medals.

What drove Yeşer to swimming was her desire to get rid of her knee pains and also her grandson’s request. And by fulfilling this request and more, in just six years, Yeşer was able to get 32 gold medals, 10 silver medals and 10 bronze medals.

“I feel very happy and enjoy swimming,” Yeşer told Anadolu Agency in an interview, adding that her children and grandchildren encourage her newly adopted passion.

Yeser said she is enthusiastic of participating in every competition she can get into and added that she would continue to do so as long as she is healthy.

The 69-year-old swimmer prepares for races by practicing once a week.

She also said that apart from pool competitions, she also joins open water swimming contests.

“Some people do not believe that the medals and trophies are mine. When they find out they are mine, they get surprised and I encourage them to swim too,” she said.

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