Agamemnon hot springs heal for centuries

Agamemnon hot springs heal for centuries

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Agamemnon hot springs heal for centuries

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İzmir’s therapeutic hot springs in the Balçova district, Agamemnon, named after the famous Trojan warrior and the King of Mycenae in Greek mythology, has been serving as a popular spot for visitors and patients since antiquity. 

In mythology the center is believed to have served as a healing center for many including Agamemnon’s daughter, wounded soldiers of the Trojan War and Alexander the Great. 

The center uses modern medical technologies and operates inside the Balçova Thermal Hotel, attracting great interest from local and foreign tourists. 

Ramazan Kaya, the director of the facility, said the hot springs were considered as one of the most significant health centers in Turkey and around the world. 

There are 40 specialists working at the facility, which also provides physical treatment and serves as a rehabilitation center. 

The facility has more than seven pools consisting of sodium, bicarbonate, chlorine, fluorine and calcium. The center has offered health services to 60,000 people in 2016. 

In coordination with Norwegian Health Ministry 

Kaya said the facility offered treatment for rheumatic diseases, hernia and pains of the loins and cervical disc, the problems that normally require orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation treatment. 

“According to the diagnosis made, we also offer alternative methods of treatment such as paraffin, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, balneotherapy and body massages,” he said.  

“In coordination with the Health Ministry of Norway, we have been offering treatment to some 1,300 rheumatic patients every year for the past 24 years. Some 40 percent of our patients are foreigners. People come from various countries, particularly from Scandinavian countries. Annually, we have 80,000 guests and 35,000 of them are tourists. This is an important contribution to health tourism in İzmir. Our goal is to draw guests from Turkic countries, Iran, the Middle East and European countries,” he added.  

The hotel has a capacity of 200 rooms and 408 beds, which are expected to undergo maintenance works. 

“Recently, the hotel received the Green Star certificate from the Culture and Tourism Ministry,” he said.