After tough pandemic-hit year, Turks hopeful for 2021, says report

After tough pandemic-hit year, Turks hopeful for 2021, says report

After tough pandemic-hit year, Turks hopeful for 2021, says report

Turkish people are looking at the future with hope after a difficult year marked by the pandemic as they are preparing to welcome 2021 under the strict coronavirus measures, including a four-day lockdown.

A study by Ipsos has revealed that about two-thirds of the Turkish people feel happy with the end of the pandemic-hit year of 2020 and nearly 47 percent of the society’s expectations for 2021 are more positive. The rate of those who do not think that the upcoming year would be better remained around 23 percent, according to the report.

Those who say they are planning a celebration on New Year’s Eve make up about a third of the society. The vast majority note that they will celebrate New Year’s Eve at their homes due to the restrictions and high number of virus cases.

It is seen that two-thirds of the citizens do not have any plans on New Year’s Eve while one of every two individuals will spend the night watching television, according to the report.

Although posts on New Year’s menus and tables are frequently seen on social media, the rate of those who say they will prepare a special table at home and have New Year’s dinner is quite limited: 11 percent and 13 percent respectively.

The tendency to consume snacks on New Year’s Eve is slightly higher, around 20 percent, the report said. In other words, it seems that the majority of society will not behave any differently compared to other days on New Year’s Eve.

Within the scope of the fight against the pandemic, the public support for the four-day curfew on New Year’s weekend was 87 percent, according to the report.

Only a small segment of the population, some 9 percent, does not find such a restriction correct while citizens generally favored such measures to overcome the pandemic as soon as possible.

Some 66 percent of the participants in the study also see a high probability of encountering another pandemic in their lifetime.

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