‘Adopt a Golden’ rescues dogs from Turkey: Report

‘Adopt a Golden’ rescues dogs from Turkey: Report

‘Adopt a Golden’ rescues dogs from Turkey: Report

Golden retrievers seen in the animal shelter in Istanbul. Photo: Adopt a Golden Atlanta / Facebook

A former vet tech from the U.S. has adopted a golden retriever from Turkey by the efforts of the rescue organization Adopt a Golden Atlanta (AGA), the U.S. media has reported.

Ashley Dunn adopted a golden retriever abandoned to the wild in Istanbul after watching a video of her pawing at a car’s door. 

“Having to survive in a pack is very difficult for them because they don’t really want to fight back,” Dunn said.

The AGA officials added the Turkish government was willing to cooperate with the organization.

Since early 2015, the organization has been trying to rescue golden retrievers from Turkey.

The AGA rescued 51 golden retrievers from Turkey in the last few months, according to the information on its website.

In May, it helped bring 36 purebred golden retrievers from Istanbul to Alpharetta, marking the largest international golden retriever rescue ever.