Actor guest of a female association

Actor guest of a female association

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Actor guest of a female association

Actor Halil İbrahim Kalaycıoğlu plays Zülfikar Aga in ‘Valley of the Wolves.’ Screen grab.

Two actors from the popular Turkish TV series “Kurtlar Vadisi” (Valley of the Wolves) have arrived in Kosovo city of Prizren.

Kosovo was the setting of first episode of the action series in 2003. The leading character in the series, Polat Alemdar, acted by Necati Şaşmaz, played an intelligence officer training the soldiers of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

The TV series, which is highly popular in Kosovo, as well as in many other countries, is also being aired on Albanian channels, accompanied by Albanian subtitles.

Şaşmaz visited Kosovo last year along with other actors, and was warmly welcomed by thousands of people. The latest visitors to the country were actor Halil İbrahim Kalaycıoğlu, who plays the character Zülfikar Aga, and Nazmi Göçmen, who plays his bodyguard.

The actors were hosted by Mediha Jılta, the chairwoman of a female association in the country, and visited historic locations in Prizren.