Acıpayam Canyon prepares to host nature lovers

Acıpayam Canyon prepares to host nature lovers

Acıpayam Canyon prepares to host nature lovers

Acıpayam Canyon, described as a wonder of nature, which is located in the southwestern province of Denizli, is soon to enter tourism as the ongoing works have almost come to an end.

Located between the villages of Olukbaşı and Benlik some 40 kilometers from the Acıpayam district center, the canyon attracts the attention of nature lovers with its breathtaking impressive view.

A walking track is being built into the canyon by the Acıpayam Municipality in order to draw more visitors to the region.

Duran Dağ, the headman of Olukbaşı village, said a person fell into the canyon and died in 1980, and because of this incident, local people were afraid to go to the canyon for a long time.

Describing the wonder of nature as a hidden paradise, Acıpayam Mayor Hulusi Şevkan stated that the works to arrange the landscape and walking paths in the canyon have been ongoing, adding that it would be open to visitors from May 2021.

“We think that those who want to escape from the stressful and crowded environment of the city, and nature sports enthusiasts who like hiking and mountaineering will show great interest. We will bring the region to tourism as soon as possible,” Şevkan noted.

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