A five-star town for cats

A five-star town for cats

SAMSUN – Anadolu Agency
A five-star town for cats

The 'cat town' has bungalow houses as well as a bridge and walking routes for its feline inhabitants. AA Photo

A “cat town” has been established after two years of work in the northern province of Samsun with the aim of giving a healthy and comfortable life to stray cats. 

The Samsun Metropolitan Municipality established the facility, named “cat town,” on a 100-square-meter area in its animal shelter. Sick cats will also be treated in the facility. 

The “cat town” has bungalow houses as well as various bridges and walking routes for its feline inhabitants. 

Shelter official and veterinary doctor Hüseyin Aydın said stray cats were brought to them from district municipalities and were neutered or spayed. 

He said they had a different place for sick cats undergoing treatment, adding, “After treatment and neutering, we leave the cats to the cat town. We have an area here for cats to group. They will live healthily and happily here.”

He also noted they had created walking routes to prevent cats from becoming muddy in the forestland and that they provided all the necessities for the cats.  

Aydın said “cat town” was unique in Turkey, adding, “We can expand the area of the cat town in the future. We now have 50 cats. We have designed the town especially for poor and sick cats from the streets.”