A damaged Roman sculpture discovered

A damaged Roman sculpture discovered

SAKARYA – Doğan News Agency
A damaged Roman sculpture discovered

The sculpture that has a missing hand and no head is from the Roman era, according to officials. AA photo

Sakarya Museum has launched excavations in Kaynarca district’s Uzunalan village after a 2,000-year-old damaged sculpture from Roman times was discovered in the area.

Archaeologists believe the sculpture is not the only work in the area and that there could be other artifacts in the vicinity, according to a written statement from the director of the museum, Murşit Yazıcı.

“Since the sculpture cannot be here alone, we are looking for a settled area,” said Yazıcı. “This sculpture that has a missing hand and no head is from the Roman era and probably belongs to a Roman aristocrat.”

The sculpture was delivered to Sakarya Museum, where examinations confirmed that it was a 2,000-year-old sculpture from the Roman era.

Archaeological studies and pre-excavations have started in the area with contributions from Süleyman Acar, an art historian at Sakarya Museum; archaeologist Gökhan Beyazcem and experts from Kaynarca Municipality.

Yazıcı said the studies that were being conducted in the area were not archeological excavations but that only the pre-excavations were being undertaken in an effort to determine whether or not to proceed with a more comprehensive dig.

We cannot know that without an examination. Now we are conducting pre-studies because we think that the sculpture cannot be alone here; we are looking for an ancient settlement,” said Yazıcı. “This is not an archaeological excavation yet. After the studies, we are going to make a decision.”

“They said that I have found a treasure,” Uzunalan village headman Saffet Tezer said.