A cup of Turkish coffee, remembered for 40 years!

A cup of Turkish coffee, remembered for 40 years!

A cup of Turkish coffee, remembered for 40 years

Turkish coffee, one of the indispensable elements of Turkish culture, was accepted by UNESCO as a cultural heritage and Dec. 5 was designated as “World Turkish Coffee Day.”

A research conducted by Kahve Dünyası, a Turkish coffee company and coffeehouse chain, has a Turkish coffee map of the country within the scope of World Turkish Coffee Day activities.

According to the research conducted by interviewing 1,615 people throughout the country, the most preferred coffee type of the participants was Turkish coffee with 77 percent, while 95 out of every 100 people says they like Turkish coffee.

According to the research, Turkish coffee is preferred with a medium amount of sugar, called “orta” in Turkish, with a percentage of 55 percent.

The most popular flavor with Turkish coffee is chocolate with 42 percent approval.

In addition, 73 out of every 100 people prefer Turkish coffee “foamy.”

Turkish coffee is a means to express hospitality in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions and to gather with friends in the Aegean region, according to the research.

Turkish coffee, which is preferred after meals throughout the day, is mostly drunk in the evening.

In addition, 60 out of every 100 participants who drink Turkish coffee say that they like the taste of Turkish coffee.

About 80 percent of those who enjoy the flavor of Turkish coffee are people in the Marmara region, while the participants in the Central Anatolia Region says they drink Turkish coffee to have a break.  

Some 58 out of every 100 married women say that they made salted coffee for their groom candidates, while 47 percent of married men drink salted coffee during the ceremony.

According to traditional family gatherings before marriage in Turkey, the bride is required to serve Turkish coffee to her guests. But that's not all there is to it.

For the groom's coffee, the bride-to-be may use salt instead of sugar as a form of character check. If the man drinks his coffee without complaint, he is said to be patient and good-tempered.