500-year-old Ottoman bridge in Bulgaria restored

500-year-old Ottoman bridge in Bulgaria restored

500-year-old Ottoman bridge in Bulgaria restored

A 500-year-old Ottoman bridge located in a Bulgarian town has been restored within the scope of an EU-funded revival project.

The reopening of the Siyavuş Pasha Bridge, located on the Bulgarian border town Harmanlı, was held with a ceremony attended by local and international guests.

Implemented in cooperation with the Edirne Promotion and Tourism Association (ETTDER) and Harmanlı Municipality of Bulgaria, the restoration work of the historical bridge took about a year.

Harmanlı Mayor Maria Kirkova stated that the bridge, which is one of the works from the Ottoman period in the city, was restored and brought to tourism.

After the speech, a symbolic key to the bridge was presented to Kirkova by an architect who took part in the restoration of the bridge.

Speaking at the event, ETTDER President Bülent Bacıoğlu noted that the Ottoman heritage bridge was restored thanks to the project.

The stone bridge, which was built on the Harmanlı Stream in 1585 with the order of Siyavuş Pasha from Kanije, Nagykanizsa in today’s Hungary, is considered one of the major tourist attractions of the city.