3,400 supporters banned from games as Super League begins

3,400 supporters banned from games as Super League begins

3,400 supporters banned from games as Super League begins

Turkey’s Super League launched amid tightened security measures as nearly 3,400 supporters have been banned from attending sports games due to previous violent behaviors or participation in violent incidents.

Turkey’s Football Federation, Club’s Association, Justice Ministry, Youth and Sports Ministry, gendarmerie and police forces have initiated a joint project in a bid to prevent violence in sports and violent incidents during sports events.

Amid security measures, sports authorities have banned 3,481 supporters who were designated to have participated in violent incidents, thrown objects in the sports field or used offensive language during games.

These supporters and supporter groups will also be closely monitored on social media.

Any supporter who shares posts on their social media accounts that insult football clubs, supporters, administrators or athletes will not be allowed to attend sports events, police sources stated.

Some 123 supporters have already been banned from attending games due to insulting, threatening and violent social media posts. Criminal action has also been taken against these supporters.

Within the framework of security projects, 449 personnel working in Sports Security Directorates and 27,000 private security personnel have taken “sports security” training. The number of police and social security personnel have also been doubled.

The events have been categorized in terms of their “security risks,” as games between big clubs like Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Beşiktaş and Trabzonspor have been designated as “high-risk games.”

Last year, such precautions decreased violent events by 24 percent, police sources revealed.

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