2 freed Turkish hostages return home from Nigeria

2 freed Turkish hostages return home from Nigeria

ISTANBUL-Anadolu Agency
2 freed Turkish hostages return home from Nigeria

Two Turkish citizens, who were out of four rescued from kidnappers, in the western African country of Nigeria last week, returned home on Aug. 1.

The construction workers Ergun Yurdakul (35) and Seyit Emre Çelik (25) arrived at Istanbul Airport early morning. Two others Yasin Çolak (33) and Şener Apal (40), have been asked to stay back in Nigeria, for want of some Interpol investigation.

Talking to reporters at the airport, Yurdakul and Çelik said they were happy to return their home, after facing an uncertainty in Nigeria. “We are here without any personal belongings, as they were stolen. But we are happy to return to our motherland,” they said.

Narrating their harrowing experience, they said the armed militants had abducted them from Nigeria's Kwara province on July 20. “They forced us to move around mountains, during whole nights and kept us hidden during the daytime,” they said.

The freed hostages gave credit to Turkish and Nigerian governments, for helping in their rescue.

“There were times we thought it was an end of road for us. We thought death is awaiting, making us psychologically wreck. After all, we are human beings,” Yurdakul said.

He said though, militants did not mistreat or beat them, but it was a difficult environment emotionally.

Expressing gratitude to Turkish officials, for not deserting them, the freed hostage, said they were brought back after conducting a comprehensive operation.

According to Yurdakul, remaining two Turkish citizens were currently under Interpol investigation and they are also planning to return home as soon as possible.

Four Turkish citizens were abducted by armed militants in central Nigeria's Kwara province, which is 500 kilometers away from capital Abuja. They were rescued on July 26, following a successful joint operation conducted by Nigerian military and police.