100 art students from overseas celebrate April 23

100 art students from overseas celebrate April 23

100 art students from overseas celebrate April 23

Some 100 international ballet, dance and music students have participated in a project to celebrate Turkey’s National Sovereignty and Children’s Day on April 23.

As part of a project by Tan Sağtürk Academy, established by famous Turkish ballet dancer Tan Sağtürk, 100 students from different countries and nationalities got together virtually to mark April 23 with an exquisite choreography.

The students performed for one-and-a-half minutes during Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony as Turkish students played along with their musical instruments.

Renowned pianist Anjelika Akbar and artists from State Opera and Ballet and State Symphony Orchestra also participated in the project by chanting a part of Beethoven’s symphony.

Every year, Turkey celebrates the 100th anniversary of the foundation of its parliament through day-long events across the country.

April 23 festivities also focus on children as it is celebrated as the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, bestowed this important date, marking modern Turkey’s sovereignty, to children, whom he saw as the future of the nation.

Normally, every year, Turks would celebrate the holiday with great enthusiasm and excitement and thousands of foreign children would come to Turkey on the week of April 23 to celebrate.

This year, the festivities have been unfortunately suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. But Turks still find ways to mark the holiday from their homes, flying flags from their windows and balconies.