10-year-old Selin’s organ donation spreads hope for 5 lives

10-year-old Selin’s organ donation spreads hope for 5 lives

10-year-old Selin’s organ donation spreads hope for 5 lives

A 10-year-old girl in the northwestern province of Balıkesir died on Aug. 18, becoming a victim of random gunfire, but her organs will save the lives of five people after her family decided to donate them.

Selin Cebeci was tragically shot in the head during a heated argument between two men at an entertainment venue in Balıkesir’s Erdek district.

“We decided to donate our angel’s organs so that it can be hope for other children. Our child died for nothing. I hope others’ children will survive,” Cebeci’s parent said.

Selin’s heart, lungs, kidney, liver and corneas were surgically removed at Bandırma State Hospital, after the family’s decision. Her organs will help to extend the lives of five patients in Istanbul, the capital Ankara and northwestern province of Bursa.

The incident took place on Aug. 12, when a man, identified as Erdem Turan, got into an argument with the entertainment venue’s security guard, Emrah Saltık.

Turan initially left the venue after the argument but came back on late Aug. 12 and opened fire on Saltık with a pump-rifle.

“When we were at the entertainment venue, an armed person came here and shot the security guard. When the guard came inside the venue to escape, that person came after him and opened fire,” said Çişem Tekfidan, Selin’s aunt.

A total of five people were injured, two out of which had severe injuries.

The perpetrator was captured by the police and immediately arrested.

“The buckshots from the rifle hit our 10-year-old niece’s head and she lost her life. There was huge chaos, and many people got hurt,” she said.

Tekfidan said the venue’s owners “did not help at all,” and concerned citizens passing by the street helped in transferring the injured to the vehicles.

“The venue continued to work the day after [the incident]”, she said.

Selin spent six days in the hospital but could not be saved despite all medical efforts.

A 46-year-old man, identified as Mehmet Solaklar, also lost his life after being heavily injured during the incident.

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