Water tunnel under Bosphorus completed

Water tunnel under Bosphorus completed

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Water tunnel under Bosphorus completed

A 145 meter tunnel under the Bosphorus will carry water from Anatolia to Europe. Company Photo

STFA, a prominent Turkish contracting company, has completed the construction of the Bosphorus Tunnel, a part of Melen Project that is estimated to secure a portable water supply until the year 2060 to Istanbul, Turkey’s most populous province.

The construction of the tunnel, with the capacity to transport nearly three million cubic meters of water from the Anatolian side of the city to the European side, was completed in 1,200 days, according to a company press release. The tunnel has been built 145 meters below the Bosphorus.

“STFA, a company that has always realized firsts in the construction industry of Turkey, has participated in the construction of the first tunnel that links both shores of the Bosphorus,” said Mehmet Ali Neyzi, the chief executive of STFA Investment Holding, during a press meeting at the tunnel to mark the completion of the project.

The company had previously assumed two construction projects linking the Anatolian and European sides of the city, namely the Bosphorus energy transmission line and the second bridge over the Bosphorus.
Meanwhile, STFA Construction Group has reached the signing phase in two construction projects abroad.

The STFA, meanwhile, together with its partners Fernas and Kalyon, was the highest bidder ($173 million) to win construction of the water supply system in the Arbil province of Iraqi Kurdistan. The company also won the enlargement project of the Dareen Port in Saudi Arabia

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