Visual feast of flamingos in Seyfe

Visual feast of flamingos in Seyfe

Visual feast of flamingos in Seyfe

Different species of birds live together in the protected Seyfe Bird Lake Paradise in the Central Anatolian province of Kırşehir. 

Despite the 30 percent water level drop due to the decrease in rain and evaporation during summer, thousands of flamingos, ducks, ruddy shelducks, seagulls and other species still accommodate in the lake and offer nice images for visitors. 

A crane, which remained in the lake after its group continued their way, also creates a unique beauty among flamingos. 

Visual feast of flamingos in Seyfe

Seyfe Lake Ecology Association (SEYGED) Chairman Ömer Çetiner said the water inflow into the lake almost stops during summer because of the lack of rain. 

“The level is now around 30 percent. But still we can see thousands of flamingos, ducks, ruddy shelducks, seagulls and other local birds here. Some birds come to the lake seasonally,” Çetiner said. 

He added that beautiful scenes can be seen even in small puddles. 

“In the past, locals used to call flamingos ‘allı turna’ and cranes ‘telli turna.’ It is possible to see a crane among thousands of flamingos here. This means that flamingos have accepted the crane and protected it. The crane that stayed here either fell behind the others or could not continue with its group because it is unwell. But we are very lucky to see that the crane is very happy among the flamingos. This shows us the friendship of animals just like humans. Since cranes are flying in groups during immigration season, we do not have the chance to see them in those days. But now we have a crane in our lake,” Çetiner added. 

He also referred to the “morning walk” that flamingos in the lake go on every day during summer.
“It makes us very happy that flamingos go on a morning walk in a row in the lake with the first light of the sun. They offer a different visual feast, after which they fly away. It is as if they are making a show for us … As a nature lover, it makes us very happy to see them,” Çetiner said. 

Stating that that as the association they are doing their best to promote the lake, Çetiner called for newly appointed parliamentarians and governors to accelerate work for the Seyfe Bird Paradise

The Seyfe Lake, which is located on one of two key animal migration routes in Turkey, was home to 187 different bird species in the past, 27 of which are now endangered. The lake is also known for its endemic plants.