Villagers turn orange peels into income

Villagers turn orange peels into income

Villagers turn orange peels into income

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Nearly 300 tons of orange peels are brought into the economy annually in the Kadirli district of Osmaniye, which is one of the important agricultural centers of the Çukurova region in Turkey’s south.

Orange peel, which is in high demand both domestically and from abroad, draws 10 liras ($1,50) per kilogram and brings more income than the orange fruit, whose weight is sold between 2-4 liras ($0,30-$0,60).

The peels, which are dried by the orange growers and brought to the factories, are packed and sent to the buyers after they are cleaned.

Ömer Arslantaş, a business manager in the orange peel sector in Kadirli, said that they experienced intensity during the orange peel purchase season, which lasts four months each year.

Explaining that they received intense demand especially from cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies, Binboğa explained why orange peel is more valuable than fruit.

“Orange essence is produced from peels. Therefore, it is very valuable and expensive. Orange is used as a raw material in many different products that we use, beyond being a product that is only consumed as a fruit.”

The head of the Kadirli Chamber of Agriculture, Hanifi İspir, stressed that this sector should be expanded more in Kadirli and throughout the country.

“An industry with a clear future,” İspir added.