Vienna to host exhibition of works by Ottoman genius

Vienna to host exhibition of works by Ottoman genius

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
Vienna to host exhibition of works by Ottoman genius An exhibition of Ottoman scholar and intellectual Matrakçı Nasuh’s works will open in Vienna on May 25.

Promoted by the Turkish President’s Office, the display will feature items covering the 16th century figure’s broad range of achievements in mathematics, history and artistic miniatures. 

At the inauguration of the exhibition in Vienna’s Museum of Art History, Turkish architect Sinan Genim will give a lecture on “Matrakçı Nasuh and his memories,” while a singing society from the Turkish Culture Ministry will give a performance themed “Turkish Music in the 16th century.”        

Entitled “Matrakçı Nasuh: A 16th Century Genius,” the exhibition runs until June 12, having previously been displayed in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Istanbul. The presentation will go on to be shown in cities around the world, including Paris, Rome, Tokyo and Washington.

Born in the Bosnian town of Visoko in 1480, Nasuh joined the Ottoman sultan’s household as a janissary, showing exceptional military skill and inventing “matrak,” a sword game used for training.

He also wrote books on warfare, history and mathematics and was a talented miniaturist who created a new style of painting, focusing on panoramic views. 

The 450th anniversary of his death was marked by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization last year.