Vestel reveals long-awaited new smartphone, Venus

Vestel reveals long-awaited new smartphone, Venus

BERLIN – Anadolu Agency
Vestel reveals long-awaited new smartphone, Venus

Vestel has introduced two new models of its new smartphone, Venus V and Venus X, in Berlin, on the sidelines of Europe’s largest electronics trade show, IFA. The phones will be available for public purchase as of Sept 22.

Turkish technology giant Vestel has revealed its long-awaited domestically-produced new smartphone, “Venus.”

“With its stylish design and advanced technology that hold their own against global brands, our smartphone, Venus, demonstrates Vestel’s commitment to developing and manufacturing high-tech products,” Vestel Group CEO Turan Erdoğan said at the unveiling of the phone on Sept. 4 in Berlin on the sidelines of Europe’s largest electronics trade show, IFA.

Erdoğan said Vestel, one of Europe’s largest TV producers, has now positioned its smartphone as a leading product in its vision of the future.

“Manufacturing 15 million display devices each year, Vestel has a great deal of experience in display technology,” he said.  “We are confident our manufacturing power in display technology is going to push us one step ahead of our competitors on the smartphone market.”

Vestel announced its Android-based Venus will be available for public purchase Sept. 22 with two different models – Venus X, with sharp contours, and Venus V, with a more rounded design.

Both models will be available with 5.0” and 5.5” display options, as well as a choice between being black or white, Erdoğan told journalists and guests at the unveiling event.

The most remarkable features of the Venus 5.5” are said to be its 13-megapixel camera, 16GB hard drive, the 4G LTE and NFC technologies. Venus 5.0”, on the other hand, was presented as desirable for its battery’s vitality.

The recommended retail price of Venus 5.5” in Turkey will be around $410 and Venus 5.0” will be around $295.

Erdoğan said Venus was a product of Turkish design and manufacture, developed by Turkish engineers at Vestel City in the Aegean province of Manisa.

“Vestel is Turkey’s first and only smartphone manufacturer and one of the very few firms in Europe capable of manufacturing smartphones with proprietary technology and original design,” he said.

“We are going to exploit this capability to the utmost on the domestic and international markets,” he said. “Our aim is to manufacture 3 million units annually by the end of the next three years, with 1 million to be exported.”

Vestel is also planning to focus on the European market for the export of its smartphones, Erdoğan added.

“Vestel’s business volume with many European retailers is on the rise and we are going to turn this into a major opportunity in smartphone sales, as well,” he said.

He noted the rapid growth in the mobile market afforded Vestel remarkable opportunities.

“Major telephone manufacturers are beginning to lose ground against local brands and manufacturers,” he said. “A glance at the distribution in the world’s mobile phone market shows the total share of the local brands and manufacturers reached 40 percent in 2013. This is also an important opportunity for Vestel, which is the largest electronics manufacturer in its region.”

Erdoğan also said smart home technologies were a key for Vestel’s vision of its future, together with smartphones.

Vestel is presenting 618 different products in its 3,000-square-meter stand at IFA.