US plans to conduct int’l code for space

US plans to conduct int’l code for space

The United States prepared an international code for outer space activities in order to enhance its national security, the U.S. Defense Ministry said in its montly written statement.

“Space is increasingly congested with over 22,000 objects tracked by U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), contested by an ever-increasing number of man-made threats, and competitive as more countries and companies field space capabilities,” the statement said.

According to new National Security Space Strategy, international cooperation and international norms will be promoted. “The safety and sustainability of space must be protected,” said the statement, adding that “a widely-subscribed Code is necessary to encourage responsible space behavior and to reduce risk of misunderstanding and misconduct.”

EU draft

USSTRATCOM Cmdr. Gen. Kehler supported pursuing an international code and saw it as consistent with strategy and plans, the statement said, adding that the EU’s draft may be used as a basis for this code. The EU’s draft focuses on reducing the risk of creating debris and increasing transparency of space operations, but it is not legally binding and recognizes the right of self-defense.

“The EU’s draft better serves our interests than the legally-binding ban on space weapons proposed by others,” the statement said.